Мультфильм про машинки.Игра Тачки. Молния Маквин. Disney Cars Games

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Мультфильм про машинки. Тачки. Молния Маквин. Disney Cars Games - _________________________________ Developer - Rainbow Studios Arcade, Racing (Cars), 3D You waiting for a stunning world where sounds catchy music, and cars are joking, friendly and quarrel, compete and win, envy and love - a world of "Cars", created by studio Pixar / Disney. Take part in the fast-paced racing adventure with the irrepressible and ambitious race car "Lightning" McQueen, charming "Porsche" Sally, Doc Hudson legendary and other wheelbarrows - they have something to please you! Racing on asphalt highways and dusty back roads, the steep mountain streamers and abandoned mines, competition with machine monsters allow show mastery of aerobatics. -
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